Key Skills

Our first statement in our “Beliefs and Aims” states:

“We believe that in order to provide an effective learning environment it is necessary to have a detailed and shared understanding of a learner’s needs by all the professionals from education and therapy.”

All learners at Rosewood School are assessed using the schools ImPACTS Key Skills. These cover all the developmental  and learning areas :

  • Communication
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Environmental Control Technology (ECT)
  • Physical Development
    –  Fine Motor
    –  Gross Motor
  • PSEWB – Self help
    –   Self Advocacy

Once these assessments have been completed a detailed picture of the child develops and a personalised Individual Education Plan (IEP) is devised.

All professionals contribute to this IEP and it is confirmed only once parents/carers have read it and agreed that it represents the needs of the child.