Annual Reviews

Rosewood is responsible for overseeing and arranging reviews of learners' Education, Health and Care Plans. 

These reviews give everyone involved in supporting a child the opportunity to come together and discuss progress, look at provision, and make any changes needed to your child's plan.  It is a shared time with families to discuss priorities and make plans for the years ahead.

Reviews happen though a meeting, usually held at school, with the learner's class teacher as well as any other relevant professionals.  Meetings will happen annually, apart from Nursery children whose reviews are more frequent.

Before the meeting you will receive your child's report to read.  During the meeting, as well as hearing about progress over the past year, we will also focus on the things that really matter to your child.  In key transition years, we have a planning tool: the 'What Matters' Island.  In the interim years, the meeting will be collaborative and refer back to the previous plan while continuing to look to the future.

As part of our discussions we will consider:

  • What people like about me
  • What I'm good at
  • If I could ... I would ...
  • What I want in the future
  • What needs to happen
  • People who matter to me
  • Things to do that matter to me
  • Things to have that matter to me

If you would like to discuss your child's meeting, or the annual review process in general, please get in touch with the school.