Beliefs & Aims

  1. We believe that in order to provide an effective learning environment it is necessary to have a detailed and shared understanding of a learner’s needs by all the professionals from education and therapy.

  2. We will treat each learner with dignity and respect at all times.  As an all age school we will be respectful of each learner’s age and needs as they move through the school making their individual developmental journey.

  3. We aim to provide a consistently responsive environment within which every learner’s ability to communicate is respected, responded to and developed.

  4. We aim to provide throughout the day a range of meaningful opportunities that allow learners to develop intentionality and exercise control of their learning environment.

  5. We value and respect the knowledge, experience and expertise of parents/carers and welcome every opportunity to work with them to support the learner’s journey through school life and beyond.  We aim to understand our learners within the context of their family.