Approaches to Learning

Individuality Leads Learning:

Throughout our school day we have adopted a learner-led 'informed scruffy' approach, the principles of which are based in Dr Penny Lacey's work on SCRUFFY targets.  You can read more about what this as part of the Rosewood Way section of the website.


Organisation of the School Day:

Through research and experience we know that learners with PMLD learn best through routine; we therefore provide a daily plan with consistent routines within a responsive environment. We also know that the needs of the learners, as assessed through ImPACTS, can be achieved through daily routines. The timetables used by each class reflect the routine, individual and group requirements of the class.

Start and End of the Day:

We aim to support all our learners with changes in the environment and support their opportunities to anticipate what will happen to them before an activity begins and to extend opportunities for them to communicate. The routine at the start and end of day is shared with all escorts and drivers and provides learners with time to become aware and respond to being in school and leaving.


This is a significant learning time for all learners and staffing and organisation allows all learners who require it to have 1:1 staffing. The number of employed Lunchtime Assistants reflects the potential for learning to occur during this period, and all staff are trained to ensure quality of teaching and learning is maintained both during the feeding part and leisure/bathroom part of the lunch period.


Preparation for Learning:

The significant physical needs, of all our learners, mean that positioning and the use of orthotics is a significant part of their day. The choice of position that meets physical need and allows for learning opportunities is fundamental to effective teaching and learning. For some learners, the choice of position may not be functional to acting on the environment but fundamental to their physical well being. At such times a learner may appear to be being left or unoccupied but may actually physically be highly challenged to sustain the position.


Teaching Strategies:

All of our learners require access to learning opportunities that are unique and relevant to them. The teaching styles adopted must be flexible and adapted accordingly. The approaches to teaching used must also meet with our Philosophy and underpinning ethos on teaching and learning. The school has a Pupil Charter that also must be taken into account when considering teaching approaches.


Remote Learning Options

Learners who are unable to attend school in person will receive a personalised remote learning offer, according to individual needs.


Read more about the way we work within the Rosewood Way section of the website.