The Curriculum at Rosewood Free School:

We have been proactive in developing assessments and curricula that are designed to the unique needs of the pupils. Consequently we are able to demonstrate achievement for all pupils by finely graded assessment and detailed planning processes; conversely we are able to see early indicators of regression in some of pupils with degenerative conditions. This unique approach is already exciting interest from many other schools and local authorities. OFSTED commended it as an “outstanding and innovative curriculum that meets fully the needs of all learners, because it underpins the teaching of the key skills required for learning”.

Since 2008 we have been developing our ImPACTS Key Skills approach to assessment, curriculum and monitoring. We have used research on learning, teaching, neurological development, physical development and existing curriculum models to underpin our approach.







We have designed 5 Key Skill Areas, Communication; Cognitive Skills; Environmental Control Technology; Physical Skills- Gross & Fine; Personal  Social and Emotional Well Being- Towards Self Help and Towards self Advocacy.

For more information about the Curriculum please email the head teacher via this email link or call the school at this number – 02380 571050