School Staff

Every member of Rosewood's staff has an important role to play.  If you need to contact any of the Rosewood staff team please click here for details.

Zoé Evans Sarah Clarke Kata Lajko Tracy Burns Nicola Woolvine
Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Senior Leadership Team Extended Leadership Team Extended Leadership Team
Head Teacher Deputy Head Teacher Assistant Head Teacher Early Years Lead Sensory Lead


Tracy Burns Butterflies
George Ellis Butterflies
Jo Barber Bumblebees
Nicola Woolvine Ladybirds
Nadia Fundell Maple
Harriet Vinter Willow
Becca Wright Pine
Isabell Tear Elm
Rhiannon Tillyer Beech
Matt Bates Hub 1
Lucia Ward Hub 2
Alison Roberts Avenues 1
Georgie Knight Avenues 2
Tom Barber All Classes - Music and Interaction

Each of our classes is supported by a team of Learning Assistants, Personal Care Assistants, and Support Assistants (Lunchtime). 

Our administration and operations teams are led by a Trust Business Leadership Team, details of which can be found on the Trust website. 

At Rosewood our key members of staff are:

Lili Gregan Administration assistant
Jackie Ridout Administration assistant
Jack Van Dyk Site Maintenance
Sarah Lotriet Health and Safety Co-ordinator / Hydro and Rebound lead
Vicky Dudden Health and Safety Co-ordinator
Michelle Self Kitchen Manager


Rosewood has a specialist team of staff who deliver therapy sessions in the pool and on the trampoline. 

Rebound therapy Olivia Johnson, Sarah Lotriet, George Ellis, Heather Bilcliff, Matt Bates, Jess Steinborn-Busse, Natasha Eagan, and Shanay Maguire
Hydrotherapy Karen Todd, Olivia Johnson, Sarah Lotriet