Annual Reviews

Rosewood is responsible for overseeing and arranging reviews of learners' Education, Health and Care Plans. 

The Annual Review is a statutory meeting to review your child’s progress against the provision and planned outcome detailed in their Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). The completed reports have to be shared with the child’s home local authority as they hold the legal duty to ensure your child’s needs are met.

Ahead of these meetings your child’s teacher completes a through reassessment of your child and scrutinises all observations made throughout the year and alongside the assessment findings suggests targets for the next year. At the same time they are able to summarise your child’s individual rate of progress since the previous assessment took place.

The information the teacher presents in the reports is then shared in a written report for families to read through, ask questions and add any thought, suggestions and priorities into.

Our reviews have always been well attended but a few years ago we made a change following feedback from our families. Together we all recognised what a unique opportunity we have to spend time together talking about each individual and we wanted to maximise the usefulness of the meeting to families, school and the wider professionals involved with the child.

Our aim is to make this a shared time with families to discuss priorities and make plans for the years ahead.

The tool we have introduced to facilitate a child and family centred approach is called the ‘What Matters’ Island.  We will use the Island planning tool in the transition years at the end of each Key Stage.  In the interim years, the meeting will still be more collaborative and will give families the opportunity to review the last ‘island’.

The Meeting:

During the review meeting, as well as hearing an overview of progress over the past year, we want to focus on the things that really matter to your child. 

The headings that we will be thinking about are:

· What People Like About Me

· What I’m Good At

· If I could … I would …

· What I want in the future

· What needs to happen

· People who matter to me

· Things to do that matter to me

· Things to have that matter to me

In the key transition years, we intend to make a new ‘Island’ plan, and in all other years we can refer back to this.

Transition Points:

For  children and young people   in YR, Y2, Y6, Y9, Y11, Y14, Y17 or Y19 then we  complete an Island plan during their meeting.  Families are a really important part of this process.  They know their child best, and therefore  their contribution is really important.

Multi-Professional Input:

We ask families and use our knowledge of the child to invite all professionals involved. Unfortunately the meetings are not as well attended as we would like but this is often due to the busy schedules of other colleagues. To mitigate this the teacher, who leads the review meeting will write a summary email to all professionals. This may include action points or messages from the family. The teacher then co-ordinates and follows up these summary actions on the family’s behalf.