Working with Families

 Families are very important to us at Rosewood, and we aim to offer support not only to our learners but to their whole family.

We currently offer a regular weekly drop-in style coffee morning on a Wednesday between 9 - 10.30am, to which all families are invited. 

You can find other events happening on the Calendar.

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Communication is key to working together to support children at Rosewood.

We have a number of ways that we communicate with families, including:

  • The Home-School book is written in daily, and we hope that families will also use it to send information to school as well.

  • Class Dojo - regular updates about what your child is doing in their classroom, as well as the ability to send messages between home and the teacher directly.  Families can also add updates on behalf of their child or young person if they would like to.  Class Dojo can also easily be translated for any families for whom English is an Additional Language.

  • Email - all teachers share their email address with families and this can be a good way to communicate, especially if there isn't time to write everything in the home school book.

  • Phone - we will use the telephone for communication of sensitive information, or if we need to have more of a discussion with families.  Families are welcome to phone into school as well, although if it is during the teaching day and not an urgent matter, we may take a message to pass on to the teacher after the children have gone home.

Please let us know which is your preferred method of communication, and we will use this wherever possible.


Our ethos of empathy and respect in school extends to families at home as well.  We know that the things our families have to do are far beyond what we do in school, and often with less help, so we are mindful of the differences between home and school.  We try to be understanding of all the pressures of busy family lives.

We respect families' privacy, and only discuss issues with those who need to know.  However we do also acknowledge that one of Rosewood's strengths is it's multi-agency working in support of families, and with families' permission, we do share information in order to ensure that children are well supported, and so that parents don't have to repeat information to lots of different professionals.

The team at Rosewood are aware that families face many challenges, including bereavement and loss. 

We acknowledge the impact of non-finite loss on families who have had life-changing diagnoses and face very different family futures to those that they were perhaps expecting.  We know that some families will have to face many issues as learners with very complex needs may be on palliative pathways or under end of life care. 

We aim to be open, sympathetic, realistic, and tuned in to each family's needs.

Rosewood has a strong culture of supportive safeguarding practice in which families are fully involved.  Each learner's family situation is unique, and it is through working together with our families that we will be able to ensure learners are all safe, with all their health and care needs met, as well as their educational needs.

We will always let families know if we have any concerns about their children, so that we can work together to resolve any problems that arise.

We work closely with families who have involvement with social care as many learners at Rosewood are open for Child in Need planning due to their disabilities, and have funding packages to help support them in looking after their children.  Some learners are also eligible for funding from Continuing Health.  Working together to ensure that care packages meet the needs of our families is really important to us.