Joint Agency Working

Collaborative Approach

At Rosewood the education staff work as a team with professionals from health and social care, in order to ensure that our learners' needs are met in a holistic way.  This approach also underpins our aim to help ensure that families receive joined-up support from the professional teams around their children.

We liaise regularly with the special school nursing team, community paediatrician, therapy team, and dietician to ensure that health needs are met and goals for these are integrated into the classroom offer.

We work jointly with social care to ensure that meetings are combined wherever possible, and that learners and their families receive the care and support to which they are entitled.

We maintain close contact with the Local Authority and Health Commissioners in Southampton and Hampshire to ensure that any changes to learners' needs are communicated swiftly and that appropriate provision can be maintained according to those individual needs.

Clinics and meetings are regularly held in school to facilitate this approach.

You can find out more about our community and professional links on our School Community page.